CBS Consumer Products

Marketing Intern // New York, NY

Star Trek social media account

I worked on the Star Trek team to connect with fans, share Trek news, expand branding efforts, and plug events and merchandise through social media.

I managed 17 Facebook accounts (main Star Trek, all the TV show, and movie accounts), Twitter, and Instagram with over 3.5 million followers.

Star Trek Las Vegas 2017 Countdown Illustrations

I created a series of illustrations to build excitement for the annual Star Trek convention. Each highlighted a beloved character or symbol with the countdown number. I wanted to mix up the traditional sci-fi style of the art to emphasize the event. These visuals were distributed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Social Media Engagement

My biggest strategy was to focus on visuals. I observed trends from previous months, in addition to responses to my own work to gauge what people valued the most. I made my posts visual-centric, and highlighted fan favorite characters, scenes, and catch phrases to increase visitor traffic. Utilizing an editorial calendar, I planned and strategized multiple posts and news stories to ensure they would be seen by the largest audience. My favorite posts were the poll reminders because they were light hearted, and highlighted a funny moment from the series in the form of a GIF. They seemed to gain the highest amount of traction because they could be shared with non-Trekkies. My top post had 461k views. 

  • Designed daily visuals to accompany news articles for distribution

  • Created graphics for all social media posts including visual heavy advertisements

  •  Analyzed visitor trends to develop strategies to optimize traffic

  • Maintained and organized social media calendar and strategized post timing

  •  Consulted marketing team for feedback

The Challenge: At the start, I was very unfamiliar with Star Trek. My grandmother was a die hard fan, so I knew how important the brand and characters were for the Trek Community. I had high standards to live up to, but was excited to dive into the new world. I researched previous Star Trek social engagement, in addition to other sci- fi franchises including Star Wars, Dr. Who, and Firefly. I read summaries of episodes and characters, and connected with previous Trek social media gurus

Key skills: Graphic design, social media strategy, social analytics