I moved to NYC without a job or an apartment.

Within 3 weeks, I had signed a lease and a job contract for something that I love: design.

I read several articles and networked a storm, but was frustrated from receiving the same ambiguous, post grad advice: "Keep going" "Just be yourself" "Do your research" "Make a portfolio."  

This is my list of resources and tips that I wish I knew.


 15 Post Grad Tips To Get Started

  1. Treat your job search like a 9-5 job and set time boundaries for you so you don't become burnt out

  2. Use Mint or another budget service to plan all your expenses beforehand

  3. Physically introduce yourself to your next door neighbor within the first 3 days so you'll have a familiar face to go to if you need help (or to borrow tools), and also to feel a little less lonely in a new place

  4. Don't sleep in late, especially if you're job searching

  5. If you're moving in during the summer, your first purchase needs to be a fan

  6. Stop introducing yourself as "recent grad."

  7. Get some business cards and actually give them out - no shame. You can literally order 500 from Vistaprint for like $20

  8. It's not impressive that you applied for 50 jobs last week, it's a red flag. Don't spray and pray your apps, there might be a reason you're not getting a call - be more considerate for each application. 

  9. Always carry a pen on you - everyone will love you. 

  10. Location discrimination is real, you really do need to be here - avoid putting your address or mentioning it unless you have to, be prepared for questions about it, and have a plan in place in case you need to get here ASAP

  11. Take off your phone number and address when you post your resume online (website or Linkedin) for safety, but make sure to have a version with all your contact info for applications.

  12. Put a reminder in your calendar to refill your metro card before it's the day of

  13. Do NOT say your greatest weakness is that you're a perfectionist

  14. The best time to find free/cheap furniture is at the beginning of the month because everyone is moving

  15. Pick one friend to be your accountability buddy, and check in with them every week to make sure you're on task

Thank you to all of you that have supported this guide. Big things are coming! Please stay tuned for all new updates… and perhaps a brand new website and podcast?

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